Naked As We Came
• "Adding to the film's impact is the powerful performance by McWilliams, who infuses her character with a combination of steeliness and physical frailty that is deeply moving."

Review by Frank Scheck /Hollywood Reporter

• "Naked as We Came is a lovely small surprise of a film, ...solidly acted ensemble piece."

Review by Anita Gates, NY Times

• "Lue McWilliams is scene-stealing as the mother, a pot-smoking, droll, advice-giving force."

Review by Dudley Best/ Philly Review

• "..the ensemble cast turns in equally solid performances.."

Review by Curtis M. Wong/ Huffington Post

• "Lue McWilliams shines as Lilly."

Review by Joe Neumaier / Daily News

Epic Poetry
• "Lue McWilliams is simply a delight on stage, later revealed to be the Muse of Epic Poetry, Calliope, a woman desperate to maintain her significance in the modern world."

Review by Sarah Weber,

Suddenly Last Summer
• "In closing: White Horse Theater Company's presentation of Suddenly Last Summer is worth seeing, if only for the fine and authentic performances of Lué McWilliams, and Haas Regen."

Review by Jay Reisberg/

• "A surreal play....excellent acting all around, with a special praise for McWilliams. Amusing as the dream version of Melinda's mother and Molly Brown, McWilliams excels as Melinda's real life mother, full of concern and walking on eggshells."

Review by Byrne Harrison /

"A surreal dreampiece, ....McWilliams (is) excellent as well."

Review by Duncan Pflaster / BROADWAYWORLD.COM

Elephant Girls
• "Lue McWilliams is brilliant in Carl Gonzalez's "Elephant Girls" - And that's just in rehearsals."

Review by Rush & Molloy / NY Daily News

• "We soon learn from Vicki (a vibrant and whirlwind Lue McWilliams),t he tardy Kozy Kitchen product peddler, that a water main has broken, obstructing the roads and Robina's departure."

Review by Cindy Pierre / nytheatercorps

• "Tupperware and terrorism stir up the part, initially believing she is the terrorist....and (Lue McWilliams) then hilariously attempts to sell her kitchen products."

Review by Angela Ashman - Village Voice

Hallelujah Breakdown
• "Lue McWilliams rounded out the cast, whose ensemble acting was excellent."

Review by Jenny Sandman

• "Lue McWilliams plays multiple roles with enthusiasm and skill."

Review by David Hurst

Landscape of the Body
• "Lue McWilliams is perfectly cast as the wild Rosalie, and carried the show with her saucy and pert asides."

Review by Chris Sariego

To Be Young, Gifted and Black
• "Lue McWilliams was a dynamic presence as Winton's wife and in her other parts."

Review by Dan Wolfe

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
• "As portrayed by Lue McWilliams, Miss Mona comes across quite naturally. She brings a toughness to the role of brothel madam mixed with a nice degree of tenderness..... her performance is strong."

Review by Dan Wolfe

Spoon River Anthology
• "Lue McWilliams interprets most of Spoon River's harridans and harlots with alternating peaks of bitterness and sensuality..... vocally talented..... McWilliams interprets "Lucinda Matlock" with a strong Scandinavian accent."

Review by Robert A. Brown

Members of Emerging Artist Theatre Company
• "Emerging Artist Theatre Company appears to be full of some of the best young actors off-off Broadway."

Review by Jenny Sandman of Hallelujah Breakdown